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Hydro-Tone Complete Barbell

Hydro-Tone Complete Barbell

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  • 1 Set of HYDRO-BELLS
  • 1 Hydro-Tone – BARBELL KIT (2 HYDRO-BELL Adapters, 1 Barbell Bar & 2 Set Screws)
  • Quick Start & Assembly Guide
  • Assembly requires 1 Phillips (star head) screwdriver


This system includes the HYDRO-BELLS and the Hydro-Tone Barbell Kit which allows the HYDRO-BELLS to become the ultimate aquatic barbell. This kit allows you to modify your HYDRO-BELLS for instant Barbell work. Press the tabs to remove the HYDRO-BELLS for independent Dumbbell use. Easily achieve your land-based muscle “pump” in the safety of the water. This Barbell provides twice the resistance of the Aquastrength Barbell.

One time, 5-minute assembly allows you to modify the included HYDRO-BELLS to work with our custom barbell bar.

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Hydro-Tone is back!These popular Hydro-Bells are a hydrodynamic resistor with three-dimensional configurations designed to enhance and take advantage of the total resistance field of water. Rotating the bells 90 degrees changes the drag surface area, allowing the user to adjust the level of resistance from medium to maximum.

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